Why Plan?

Just like planning a holiday, it’s crucial to have a plan for life so you have a clear idea where you’ll be at certain junctures in your life, or when you have certain goals you want to achieve.

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What lies ahead?

In times of economic uncertainty, debt management can be your single most important wealth-preservation tool. Acting now can ensure a prosperous future for your business or family.

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Paperwork out of control?

We look after tax and account management for individuals and small to medium enterprises.

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Buying a home?

Refinancing? Or perhaps you're looking at doing some renovations? We can help guide you through what you can afford and what’s sustainable over the long-term. And then arrange the loan for you.

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What are you waiting for?

When it comes to planning your financial future, the single most important lesson is: Start today!

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The global economic landscape has changed and your portfolio needs to change along with it. Expert financial advice is critical to preserving wealth and minimising debt for both businesses and individuals.


Model Financial Services provides, personalised debt management solutions to individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We specialise in debt management and risk. Personal risk, life and living insurances, mortgage protection, business risk, trade credit insurance and vehicle insurance.

Our services include: